Save Energy and Space

For space-saving efficiency and economy the batch draw and jacketed water chillers can be combined into one unit. PB models can be paired with PCP units of balanced capacity to provide PBC models in one, compact housing. The combination batch draw and jacketed water chiller includes separate cooling circuits, each with its own compressor and individual controls. These circuits can be operated separately when needed.

All combination chillers are constructed of the same heavy duty components as the individual batch draw and jacketed water chillers mounted in a cabinet of enameled aluminum panels with stainless steel corner legs and top on a welded angle iron frame. Panels removable for access to all components.

Filtrine Batch Draw & Jacketed Water Combo Chiller Models at Glance

Model NumberComp H.P.Pump H.P.Storage – Gal.Comp H.P.Pump H.P.Storage – Gal.WDH
PBC-2001 1/21/2303/41/312723464
PBC-50033/41001 1/21/325963870
PBC-10007 1/2116031/2100964280
PBC-1500101 1/220051/2100905086
PBC-20001523007 1/234100For dimensions: email

Contact or your local Filtrine chiller sales representative for Model PBC specification sheets.
NOTE: Combination chillers can be equipped with a Filtrine Taste Master® water purifier on ingredient unit. Other combination chiller configurations are available.

Filtration Options

Also consider Filtrine’s popular filters such as the Taste Master® purifier and in-line Steri-Flo® UV Sterilizer for purifying the makeup water used to make the best-tasting baked goods, or other foods and beverages. See Water Purification for more information.