CDR Architecture Students Have Creative Freedom with Filtrine Drinking Fountains and Bottle Filling Stations

Filtrine has a long history of collaborating with architects, starting with the development of the first stainless steel drinking fountain. A New York City architect named Minoru Yamasaki was not satisfied with the current drinking water fountains on the market, and didn’t want to “ruin” the aesthetics of his interior with an ugly, utilitarian drinking fountain. Working with John Hansel, Filtrine’s President at the time they eventually settled on what became the Filtrine Model 107-16. (See Drinking Water Solutions Update article, “The History of the Stainless Drinking Fountain”, for more details.)

Professors at The University of Kansas Center for Design Research’s (CDR) Studio 804 contacted Filtrine because Studio 804 constructs a “state-of-the-art” building that represents the latest innovations in design and functionality once a year. They selected Filtrine because of its unique drinking water dispensing products. This allowed CDR students to have as much creative freedom as possible since they are involved in the construction.

Over the years, Filtrine continued to maintain a strong relationship with Studio 804 and has had the privilege of being involved in many Studio 804 buildings. The program started in 1995 with the preservation of the Barber School House near Lawrence, Kansas. The first building project from start to finish was the McCrea Studio, constructed as a combination home/studio and completed in April of 1996. 

The photo above (Courtesy of The University of Kansas Center for Design Research’s (CDR) Studio 804) shows two Filtrine Model 107-16 fountain bowls on concrete decks made by the students for the 2013 Studio 804 project, the EcoHawks Engineering Research and Teaching Facility. The building was designed for The University of Kansas School of Engineering’s program on alternative energy for transportation. A white powder-coated Model B103 water bottle filling station was also installed to promote reusable water bottles. Two Filtrine Model 107-14 bowls and one Model B103 water bottle filler station (also known as Hydration Stations) are featured in another Studio 804 project.

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Featured Filtrine Product

Filtrine Model B103 Bottle Filling Station Cup Dispenser

Filtrine’s Model B103-C2 in-wall drinking water bottle filling station (also known as a Hydration Station) with built-in (approximate 100 count) dual cup dispensers, is a long-lasting, durable stainless steel water dispenser. This sustainable “green” alternative to traditional drinking fountains discourages the use of disposable water bottles, and can be located almost anywhere inside your office building, school, fitness club, healthcare and hospitality facility. Any Filtrine bottle filling station can be made touchless. Specifications…

Featured INDESTRUCT Product

Filtrine INDESTRUCT IM-4-A and IM-14-A

Filtrine’s INDESTRUCT Model IM electric water coolers are built with the most durable materials and components to withstand even the most excessive demands of heavy industry from shipyards to factories. Select from 16 ga steel panels with enamel or powder coat finish, or 16 ga stainless steel panels with satin or powder coat finish. Models also include: explosion proof, outdoor freeze proof and high ambient. Options include a push button bubbler, gooseneck bottle/glass filler, or a foot activated electronic sensor (for laboratories where cross-contamination is of the utmost importance). Learn more…

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