Filtrine Designs Each Chiller to Match the Customer’s Specifications

Filtrine works with equipment manufacturers, owners or engineers to ensure the chiller will provide the most efficient and effective equipment cooling in a package that also meets the site requirements.

Filtrine’s Split System Chiller Engineering Features

  • Air-cooled condenser options
  • Storage method of cooling with stainless steel chiller barrel and evaporator
  • Coolant circulation pump sized to provide the proper flow rate and pressure
  • Ambient temperature operating range from -30°F to 130°F
  • Variety of cabinet options such as stainless steel for corrosive environments or low profile for tight spaces
  • Epoxy coating to withstand marine climates
  • Worldwide power supply options

Process chiller models are available in Closed Loop (PCP), Open Loop (POC) and One Pass (PC) configurations. For more information, see Filtrine Process Chillers Explained.

Filtrine Split-System Condenser Options at Glance

Remote Air Cooled CondenserThe Model AR’s weather-resistant condenser in the outdoor section is installed in a remote location within 100′ of the indoor section. The heat is rejected away outside vs inside. AR
Remote Air Cooled Condenser/CompressorThe ARC model cuts down on noise since both the condenser and the compressor are outside and located within 200’ of the indoor section which contains the evaporator, tank and pump. The indoor ARC tends to be smaller than the indoor AR.ARC