Filtrine Drinking Fountains and Remote Chillers Dispense Refreshing Cool Water to Adults and Children at YMCAs

There is a lot of discussion around the need for public restrooms to accommodate different age groups and the industry has responded. But what about drinking water equipment? Every age needs to be able to easily drink from a fountain or fill a reusable container. ADA drinking fountain compliance is important but there are other factors to consider.

Facilities such as YMCAs need drinking fountains accessible to all ages and generations including members with disabilities. Y programs cater to the very young all the way to active seniors. Their facilities often include daycare centers along with pools and fitness centers. They need to provide chilled and purified water from drinking fountains along with water bottle fillers for thirsty members’ reusable water bottles.

The Keene, NH Family YMCA was building a brand new facility and they wanted a full drinking water solution to suit their water dispensing needs. Working with Filtrine, they decided on the Model ES-6-RFC-FS (which dispenses water to fountains for 300 people) and ES-8-RFC-FS (for 400 people) free-standing drinking water chiller/purifiers. The features include: compact, slim design using minimal wall/floor space; quiet, specifically engineered for indoor environments; and an energy-saving design for low operating cost. The Keene Y selected the ADA compliant non-recessed Model 90-HL double bowl drinking fountain in stainless steel with the optional gooseneck bottle filler. Four were installed at strategic locations around the building. The Model 90-HL fountain (also available as a single fountain, the Model 90) is extremely durable with seamless construction that is easy to clean. The bowl is 18” from the wall so is wheel chair accessible. The fountain at the YMCA daycare was installed low enough for school age children to use. 

The Fenley YMCA in Raleigh, NC wanted a different style fountain. They specified the popular Filtrine ADA compliant non-recessed FC-107-16-HL electric water cooler with the bottle filler on the cover plate. Fenley was looking for the chiller/purifier’s access to be behind the wall vs the front which is an alternative installation to the standard model and may be more appropriate for certain applications. 

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Featured INDESTRUCT Product

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