Filtrine INDESTRUCT IM-7-XP Explosion Proof Electric Water Cooler

Single Bowl, Explosion Proof


Filtrine’s freestanding industrial INDESTRUCT EXPLOSION PROOF DRINKING WATER COOLERS are engineered to meet Class 1, Group C or D, Div. 1 or 2 requirements for hazardous environments. The cabinets have a removable front panel for complete access to all components. Specify either 16 ga steel panels with enamel or a powder coat finish, or 16 ga stainless steel panels in satin or powder coat finish. 

If the application requires water filtration, the Filtrine Taste Master® water purifier is an option. It removes chlorine, other tastes and odors along with rust, dirt or sediment.

Select Your Configuration Options:


Fountain Controls, Bottle Fillers, Cover Plates, Tamper-resistant, etc.

There is only one finish available at this time. Contact for more information.


The Model IM-7-XP is a free standing drinking water fountain with a cooler. The cooler’s heavy gauge stainless steel tank tests at 250 psi for 125 psi working pressure with a heavy duty stainless steel immersion coil type evaporator. It has a minimum of 1/2 recovery capacity to meet all peak demands for drinking and thermos filling at breaks, shift changes, etc. The tank is insulated and housed in a rust-proofed steel box. The open type belt driven compressor comes with explosion proof motors and electrical enclosures.

These models can be fitted with a “Push Button” bubbler, gooseneck bottle/glass filler, or a foot-activated sensor (for laboratories where cross-contamination is of the utmost importance).


Standard Features: Air cooled or water cooled condenser with explosion proof motors and electrical enclosures, charged with HFO R513A “Ozone Safe – Low GWP” refrigerant, automatic controls and freeze up protection.

Compressor Motor (HP) :1/3

Cooling Capacity: 16 gph

Persons Served: 200

Supply Power: 115 or 220/60/1, 3 phase and 50 cycle available, consult the factory

Tank Capacity (Gal): 7

Cabinet Dimensions (in): 29W x 15D x 40H

Shipping Weight (lbs): 400

Optional Purifier: Taste Master Model TMS1-0.5

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