Filtrine IL35-PFTM-5.0 Taste Master In-line Water Purifier

Two-stage Process Removes 5 Micron Particles, Organic Tastes/Odors, Chlorine Taste/Odor; Flow Rate: 35 gpm


For applications that require serving purified water to multiple outlets in a building or an office, this two-stage purification system works by adding pre-filtration to the Taste Master® water purifier using Filtrine’s particulate filter.

Low and inexpensive maintenance is one of Filtrine’s primary goals, and Filtrine guarantees that the element replacement procedure can be completed in less than 30 seconds and require no tools to perform. The environmentally friendly Filtrine filter/purifier configuration cuts down on waste, saving money over time.


The heavy-duty stainless steel Taste Master in-line purifier housings are rated at 150 psi working pressure. They are built to outlast the piping in the building. The carbon block (a naturally occurring material) used in the Taste Master purifier is biodegradable.

First Stage: The 5.0 micron spun poly filter, Filtrine’s Model PF10-17-5-SP, removes suspended particles and increases efficiency and the life of carbon block elements.

Second Stage: The Filtrine Model TM3-17-5-CB carbon block element meets the NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for removal of sediment down to 5 micron particles, organic tastes/odors and chlorine taste/odors.

For lead removal and a higher level of filtration, see the 0.5 micron Taste Master purifiers.


Taste Master elements do not rely on cartridge compression. Filtrine’s exclusive “Dual-Seal” design ensures first-day effectiveness for the life of the element.

Flow Rate: 35 gpm

Overall Dimensions (in): 36W x 28D x 47H

Pre-Filter: [1] 16 ga. stainless steel housing [4] 5.0 micron spun poly particulate filter

Purifier: [1] 16 ga. stainless steel housing [7] 5.0 micron Taste Master carbon block purifiers

Water Conn. (In/Out: FPT): 1 1/2″

Shipping Weight (lbs): 650

Installation Requirements:

  • 20″ minimum clearance above filter housings

Purifier Maintenance:

  • Replace elements every 4 months or more often if required.

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