Filtrine HFBF-RFK “Hands Free” Bottle Filler Retrofit Kit for Single Bowl Drinking Fountains

Wall-Mounted, Single Bowl, "Hands Free" Bottle Filler


This Filtrine Model HFBF-RFK bottle filler retrofit kit sits above any single drinking fountain or Filtrine’s classic Model 107-14 and 107-16 fountains. The "Hands Free" sensor is situated in the access panel below the bottle filler. Both the bottle filler and access panel can be made in your choice of 16 gauge stainless steel or bronze. Durable and practical, these touchless kits are available in a wide range of finishes and colors.

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Bronze Finishes

Stainless Steel Finishes


The Model HFBF-RFK is a “Hands Free” bottle filler retrofit kit for single drinking fountains and includes an access panel with a sensor.

For dual-bowl drinking fountains, see the Model HFBF-RFK-HL bottle filler retrofit kit.

The hand-polished bronze finish is available in either #4 Satin (standard), or in #8 Mirror or Oil-Rubbed or Statuary Bronze. The hand-polished stainless bottle filler and cover plate can be finished in your choice of either #4 Satin (standard), or #8 Mirror. The copper/brass waterways are 100% lead-free—NO PLASTIC TUBING/CONNECTORS ARE USED.


“Hands free” components are factory-assembled in electrical boxes mounted by installer to blocking under existing mounting plate.


  • Sensor, [2] electrical boxes, solenoid valve, battery pack, flow-through regulator and circuit board to adjust sensor distance
  • [4] lithium AA batteries*, providing approximately 400,000 activation cycles
  • “Hands Free” and “Waving Hand” permanent labels

*115v AC option available

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