Filtrine ES-660-RFC Drinking Water Central Chiller

Persons Served: 13000, 15 HP Compressor, 1-1/2 HP Pump, 660 gal Storage Capacity


Filtrine's exclusive recirculating Model ES-660-RFC Chiller/Purifier provides point-of-entry control of drinking water for maximum security and cost effectiveness. Filtrine drinking water chillers employ three modules to filter, cool/sterilize and circulate water to all connected outlets throughout a facility. This unit provides complete protection of potable water against rust, sediment, taste and odors, industrial pollutants, organic contaminants and waterborne microorganisms. For lead removal, specify the optional 0.5 micron purifier. Additionally, when a central chiller is situated in a locked and secure mechanical room, the closed loop of Filtrine water system eliminates the threat of intentional contamination.

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Remote central chiller/purifier for serving chilled/purified water to dispensers via a circulating chilled water loop. Dispenses drinking water to multiple outlets over 10-15′ away. Includes a 660 gal. storage tank. Serves a population of 13,000, assuming 1 quart per day per person typical usage.


Persons Served: 13,000

Tank Capacity (Gal): 660

Cooling Capacity (btu/hr): 97,000

Compressor Motor (HP): 15

Circulating Pump (HP): 1-1/2

Condensers: A, fan cooled or W, water cooled condenser with hookup to tower water

Supply Power: 115/60/1 FLA 6 [Typical]

Water Conn. (In/Out: FPT): 1-1/4″

Piping Allowance: 2400′ of 1-1/4″

Overall Dimensions (in): 122W x 62D x 90H

Shipping Weight (lbs): 6000

Water Purification*

Pre-filter: 5.0 micron spun poly element

In-line Purifier: Standard – 5.0 micron Taste Master carbon block purifier. Optional for lead removal – 0.5 micron Taste Master carbon block purifier.

In-loop UV Water Sterilizer: Steri Flo Model S5

Corrosion Inhibitor: Phosphate Feeder Model 2PF

*Maintenance – Replace element every 4 months or more often if required.

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