Filtrine ES-4-RF-IW Drinking Water In-wall Chiller

Persons Served: 200, 1/4 HP Compressor, 4 gal Storage Capacity


Filtrine's non-recirculating Model ES-4-RF-IW Chiller/Purifier serves a consistent chilled 50°F drinking water. Unlike conventional electric water coolers (EWC's), Filtrine's ES Chiller/Purifiers contain a storage-type cooling tank with a stainless steel immersion coil evaporator. This unit builds up a reserve of chilled water during low usage periods to fill drinking water bottles and handle peak demands yet still meet the low average draw. A single free-standing unit uses less energy than multiple EWC’s serving a comparable population. The Particulate Pre-Filter and Taste Master® purifier ensure water quality control.

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Remote in-wall chiller/purifier for serving chilled/purified water to dispensers via  a circulating chilled water loop. Dispenses drinking water to multiple outlets under 10-15′ away. Includes a 4 gal. storage tank. Serves a population of 200, assuming 1 quart per day per person typical usage.


Persons Served: 200

Tank Capacity (Gal): 4

Compressor Motor (HP): 1/4

Supply Power: 115/60/1 FLA 6 [Typical]

Purifier: Taste Master carbon block purifier removes 0.5 micron particles, lead, organic tastes/odors, chlorine taste/odor, pathogens

Overall Dimensions (in): 32W x 14D x 24H


  • Replace elements every 4 months or more often if required.

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