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Filtrine Bottle Filling Stations Touted by The Property and Environment Research Center (PERC)

Filtrine Model B103 Water Bottle Filling Stations in a Variety of Powder Coat Colors

In the PERC Report: Volume 30, No.2, Fall 2012, Holly Fretwell (a Research Fellow at PERC and an adjunct instructor at Montana State University) talks about the importance of the water bottle filling station and its positive effect on reducing disposable bottled water.

She says "Those who use water stations choose to make environmentally conscious decisions, with an added cost savings benefit. The stations are a cost savings for companies that provide five-gallon office jugs and bottled water for employees. They also reduce maintenance expenditures by reducing the amount of garbage created."

Filtrine introduced the bottle filling station, Model B103, in the 1970's and has refined the design over time.The latest models feature a sleek, low maintenance modern design with limitless finish options, customized logos, and ability to fit in a standard 4" wall. They have been installed around the world in office buildings, universities and other institutions.

The photo shows the B103 finished in a range of powder coated colors. Specifiers can select any color they want to match any decor.

PERC was founded 35 years ago in Bozeman, Montana and "is a research institute dedicated to improving environmental quality through property rights and markets."

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