Filtrine SMS-500G-60-AR-SSD CT Systems Medical Chiller

Closed Loop Packaged Chiller for SIEMENS Sensation 16, 40, 64; Somatom Definition AS and Definition EDGE CT Systems

A closed loop, packaged space saving chiller designed specifically to cool SIEMENS Sensation 16, 40, 64 and Somatom Definition AS and Definition EDGE CT systems.
Filtrine SMS chillers use a storage-type cooling tank, with immersion coil evaporator, to provide close temperature control of recirculating coolants. The tank is sealed to prevent coolant evaporation or fouling, and is supplied with a liquid level gauge, fill port and clean out. The pump recirculates the coolant at a constant temperature, pressure and flow.


Condenser Models

Available in five standard configurations. A: Self-contained air cooled model should be installed in a well ventilated room. W: Water cooled model may be installed in a nonventilated room but requires a source of condenser cooling water. AR: Remote air cooled model may be installed in a nonventilated area with the condenser mounted outdoors. A-WP: Weather-resistant model would be installed completely outdoors. ARC: Split-system with remote air cooled condensing unit.

“Fail Safe” Options

  • AS – Automatic Switchover to City Water: In case of pump or compressor failure, city water switchover solenoids are activated to allow for temporary cooling using city water.
  • DPA – Dual Pumps: Automatic switchover to backup pump on loss of coolant flow.
  • HT – High Temperature Interlock: Thermostat lights warning if coolant temperature rises above safe high limit.
  • LF – Low Flow Interlock: Flow switch lights a warning light if flow rate drops below safe low limit.
  • LL – Low Level Interlock: Float switch in tank lights warning light if coolant level drops below safe low limit.


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For medical chiller model specification sheets contact the factory or your local chiller sales representative.

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