Filtrine SMS-500-70-HX CT Systems Medical Heat Exchanger & Control Panel

Closed Loop Packaged Heat Exchanger for SIEMENS SENSATION 16, 40, 64, OPEN and DEFINITION CT systems


A closed loop, packaged heat exchanger designed specifically to cool SIEMENS SENSATION 16, 40, 64, OPEN and  DEFINITION CT systems using existing plant chilled water instead of refrigeration.

Filtrine Model HX packages use a storage tank, and cleanable plate and frame heat exchanger to provide close temperature control of recirculating process water. The tank is sealed to prevent process water evaporation or fouling; and is supplied with a liquid level gauge, fill  port and clean out. The pump circulates the process water at a constant temperature and flow.



  • Ample storage to ensure consistant temperature under fluctuating loads
  • Built-in diagnostic gauges and controls
  • Process water filter to protect internal cooling system
  • Cleanable plate and frame heat exchanger

“Fail Safe” Options

  • DPADual Pumps: Automatic switchover to backup pump on loss of coolant flow.
  • LLLow Level Interlock: Float switch in tank lights warning light if coolant level drops below safe low limit.


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