Filtrine PCP-2000S-230-ARC-RED3 Cyclotron Medical Chiller

Closed Loop Split System Chiller for Siemens PETNET Solutions Cyclotrons


This Filtrine chiller recirculates clean coolant at a consistent temperature, pressure and flow rate, ideal to maintain the maximum linear accelerator uptime. It is designed specifically to cool Siemens PETNET Solutions cyclotrons.

Filtrine PCP-ARC chillers feature two units: a weatherproof outdoor condensing unit and a indoor cooling tank/closed loop circulating system.



Indoor Unit

  • Compact indoor cabinet contains cooling tank, pump, filter and all necessary diagnostic and operator controls

Outdoor Unit

  • Outdoor weather-resistant condensing unit takes the heat and operating noise away to a remote location
  • Three refrigeration units – Two active and one standby


  • Microprocessor-based controls available to interface with building monitoring systems
  • Uses “Ozone Safe – Low Global Warming Potential (GWP)” HFO refrigerant