Filtrine PCP-200-24 Linear Accelerator Medical Chiller

Closed Loop Packaged Chiller for VARIAN Clinac Unique, Halcyon and Ethos Linear Accelerators


This Filtrine chiller recirculates clean coolant at a consistent temperature, pressure and flow rate, ideal to maintain the maximum linear accelerator uptime. It is designed specifically to cool VARIAN Clinac Unique, Halcyon and Ethos Linear Accelerators.*

Filtrine PCP chillers feature the storage method of cooling with a large stainless steel tank and immersed stainless evaporator. The tank is sealed to prevent coolant evaporation or fouling. The integral pump recirculates the coolant to the medical equipment at the specified pressure and flow rate.

*These new VARIAN models replace the VARIAN 600C/[D], 6EX, 4EX linear accelerators.


Condenser Models

Available in five standard configurations. A: Self-contained air cooled model should be installed in a well ventilated room. W: Water cooled model may be installed in a nonventilated room but requires a source of condenser cooling water. AR: Remote air cooled model may be installed in a nonventilated area with the condenser mounted outdoors. WP: Weather-resistant model for outdoor installation

“Fail Safe” Options

  • AS – Automatic Switchover to City Water: In case of pump or compressor failure, city water switchover solenoids are activated to allow for temporary cooling using city water.
  • DP – Dual Pumps: Automatic switchover to backup pump on loss of coolant flow.
  • HT – High Temperature Interlock: Thermostat lights warning if coolant temperature rises above safe high limit.
  • LF – Low Flow Interlock: Flow switch lights a warning light if flow rate drops below safe low limit.
  • LL – Low Level Interlock: Float switch in tank lights warning light if coolant level drops below safe low limit.