Filtrine PCP-200-24-HX Linear Accelerator Medical Heat Exchanger & Control Panel

Closed Loop Packaged Heat Exchanger for VARIAN Clinac Unique, Halcyon and Ethos Linear Accelerators


A closed loop, packaged heat exchanger designed specifically to cool VARIAN Clinac Unique, Halcyon and Ethos linear accelerators using existing plant chilled water instead of refrigeration.

Filtrine Model HX packages use a storage tank, and cleanable plate and frame heat exchanger to provide close temperature control of recirculating process water. The tank is sealed to prevent process water evaporation or fouling; and is supplied with a liquid level gauge, fill  port and clean out. The pump circulates the process water at a constant temperature and flow.



  • Ample storage to ensure consistant temperature under fluctuating loads
  • Built-in diagnostic gauges and controls
  • Process water filter to protect internal cooling system
  • Cleanable plate and frame heat exchanger

“Fail Safe” Options

  • DPADual Pumps: Automatic switchover to backup pump on loss of coolant flow.
  • LLLow Level Interlock: Float switch in tank lights warning light if coolant level drops below safe low limit.