Filtrine PCP-1000S-140-W MRI Medical Chiller

Closed Loop Packaged Chiller for Philips Panorama 1.0T Open MRIs


This Filtrine chiller recirculates clean coolant at a consistent temperature, pressure and flow rate, ideal to maintain the MRI uptime. It is designed specifically to cool Philips Panorama 1.0T Open MRIs.

Filtrine PCP chillers feature the storage method of cooling with a large stainless steel tank and immersed stainless evaporator. The tank is sealed to prevent coolant evaporation or fouling. The integral pump recirculates the coolant to the medical equipment at the specified pressure and flow rate.


“Fail Safe” Options

  • AS – Automatic Switchover to City Water: In case of pump or compressor failure, city water switchover solenoids are activated to allow for temporary cooling using city water.
  • DPA – Dual Pumps: Automatic switchover to backup pump on loss of coolant flow.
  • HT – High Temperature Interlock: Thermostat lights warning if coolant temperature rises above safe high limit.
  • LF – Low Flow Interlock: Flow switch lights a warning light if flow rate drops below safe low limit.
  • LL – Low Level Interlock: Float switch in tank lights a warning light if coolant level drops below safe low limit.
  • QCP – Quick Connect Panel: Compact panel installs between chiller and equipment for instantaneous availability of auto switch over to city water (optional), pressure gauges, temperature gauges, flow meter and in-line filter. Panel is complete with all valves, solenoids, bypass and drains installed.