Filtrine PCP-1000S-140-ARC-EXCU MRI Medical Chiller/Heat Exchanger

Closed Loop Split System Chiller/Heat Exchanger for Hitachi Echelon 1.5T MRIs


A closed loop, glycol-free chiller/heat exchanger designed specifically to cool HITACHI ECHELON 1.5T MRIs.

This cooling package will provide primary and secondary water cooling with consistent and dependable control of all water-related functions including flow, temperature, pressure and purity. It also uses a programmable logic controller to monitor these functions locally and via remote connection.



• Glycol free design

Indoor Unit

  • Compact cabinet contains cooling tank, pump, filter and all necessary diagnostic and operator controls for cooling both the cyro-compressor and the gradient coils and power amplifier.

Outdoor Unit

  • Weather resistant condensing unit removes heat and noise to remote location
  • Built-in deionized water circulating loop with DI monitor for the gradient coils
  • Programmable logic controller to interface with remote monitoring systems