Mario Contestabile

MC Enterprises

Chiller Systems, Chiller Systems - Medical

North Huntingdon, PA, USA

Serving: DE, DC, IN, MD, Upstate West NY, OH, Central & West PA, North VA, WV

Phone: (412) 952-0918

Cell: (412) 952-0918

Fax: (724) 864-5581

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Jerry Curtiss

J. Curtiss & Associates

Drinking Water Solutions

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Serving: West PA (West of State College) & WV (excluding Morgan, Jefferson, and Berkeley counties)

Phone: (412) 788-1550

Fax: (412) 788-1555

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Ned Dwyer

E. J. Dwyer Co.

Drinking Water Solutions

Annapolis Jct., MD, USA

Serving: DC, MD, South DE (NOT New Castle County), North VA, Northeast WV

Phone: (240) 553-0112

Fax: (240) 553-0135

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Mark Bond

Filtrine Manufacturing Company

Chiller Systems - Medical

Keene, NH, USA

Serving: USA Medical Chiller Sales

Phone: (603) 352-5500

Fax: (603) 352-0330

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