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Filtrine chillers and drinking water equipment can be customized to chill almost any application.

While Filtrine is known for chillers that consistently cool medical and bakery systems, other top companies look to Filtrine to design chillers to cool everything from pharmaceutical processes to NASA shuttles. Filtrine builds the equipment for the site not the other way around, options include explosion proof or OSHPD seismic approved chillers.

For drinking water equipment, from fountains to central water chillers, Filtrine develops the right solution for your application. Filtrine has come up with custom designs from bottle filling stations on trains to elegant drinking fountains in museums, select from a wide range of models (including ADA Compliance), styles and finishes.


Medical Chiller Applications (Closed Loop Systems)

Recirculated clean coolant at constant temperature and flow from a storage-type cooling tank in the Filtrine medical chiller ensures maximum accuracy. Chiller models built for GE Healthcare, Hitachi Medical Systems, Philips Healthcare and Siemens MRIs and more...

CT Scanners
A storage-type cooling tank in the Filtrine medical chiller provides close temperature control of the recirculating coolant. Chiller models built for Philips Healthcare and Siemens CT scanners and more...

Linear Accelerators
Storage-type cooling tank with immersion coil evaporator inside the Filtrine medical chiller ensures close temperature control of recirculating coolants. Chiller models built for Elekta and Varian linear accelerators and more...

Filtrine's medical chiller storage-type cooling tank is sealed to prevent coolant evaporation or fouling, and is supplied with a liquid level gauge, fill port and clean out. Chiller models built for GE Healthcare, Siemens, Siemens Petnet cyclotrons and more...

Proton Therapy Systems
Filtrine Model HX medical chillers use a storage tank plus a brazed plate heat exchanger to provide close temperature control of recirculating chilled water. Chiller models built for Mevion Medical Systems Proton Therapy equipment and more...

Positron Emission Tomography (Pet) Scan
A storage-type cooling tank in the Filtrine medical chiller provides close temperature control of the recirculating coolant.Chiller models built for GE Healthcare and Siemens PET scanners and more...

Seismic Approved
Filtrine OSP medical chiller models have been PRE-approved for California's OSHPD Special Seismic Certification in earthquake prone areas including Zone 5. OSHPD chiller models built for Elekta, GE Healthcare, Siemens, Varian and more...

Modular Vault and Clinical Buildings
Filtrine medical chillers can be designed to cool medical equipment and the air conditioning unit for modular buildings. They are durable enough to be moved to the next hospital without loss of efficacy. Medical Chiller Project Profile: Filtrine Builds a Medical Chiller to Cool Cancer Treatment Equipment and HVAC in Modular Buildings

Industrial Process Chiller Applications (Closed Loop, Open Loop, One Pass Systems)

Filtrine chillers are designed to remove the dissipated heat from water cooled lasers, and to provide water temperatures above the dew point to avoid condensation.  An optional pure system ensures that deionized water coolant comes in contact with stainless steel or polypropylene only. Solid state controls provide temperature stability within ±0.5OF and an ambient tracking thermostat is included. 

Power Supplies
Filtrine chillers recirculate a clean coolant at optimum temperature and flow without fear of condensation or internal corrosion.

Ozone Generators
Electric arc generators require chillers for all kinds of locales for zoos, aquariums, water treatment facilities, etc. High ambient temperatures or corrosive environments are no problem for Filtrine chillers, remote off/on available.

Diffusion Pumps
Filtrine chillers remove heat from water-cooled pumps.

Packaging Machines
Quick cooling of heat-seals by Filtrine chillers speed up production of form, fill, and seal packaging machines.

Vacuum Pumps
Filtrine’s recirculating heater/chillers provide complete temperature control of coolant over a range from 0OF [-17.7OC] to 350OF [176.6OC].

Chill Rolls
Increase speed and dependability of paper or plastic converting, laminating, printing and waxing machines by providing accurate chill roll temperature control with Filtrine chillers.

Process Analyzers
Explosion-proof controls and motors (Group B, C & D) on Filtrine’s explosion proof chillers (Filtrine Model XP) ensure accurate and safe operation when cooling fuels for flash point or cloud point monitoring. Stainless steel cabinet and copper coated condenser are included to protect against aggressive gases.

Aquatic Tanks
Filtrine chillers’ stainless steel cooling tanks and evaporators are ideal for cooling salt water or fresh water at aquariums, zoos or marine mammal parks.

Cold Plunge Pools
Filtrine Model POC open loop chillers provide constant cool temperatures for therapy (cold-water immersion or “cryotherapy”) cold plunge pools in spas, athletic facilities and health clubs. Filtrine chillers are used in many professional football team facilities throughout the US. Fill out the Cold Plunge Request a Quote for more information. 

Filtrine heater-chillers control air temperature in hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) or environmental chambers also known as climatic or climate chambers.

Electron Microscopes
Filtrine chillers recirculate clean coolant at a constant temperature, pressure and flow.

Laboratory Equipment
Close temperature control and pure coolant that Filtrine chillers provide, ensure accuracy of non-ferrous cooling circuits for electron microscopes, blood cooling, diffusion pumps, spectrometers, scanners, NMR magnets and many other sensitive devices.

Measuring Equipment
Devices measuring thickness of paper or metal sheets can be cooled by Filtrine chillers. An epoxy-coated condenser and water resistant cabinets protect the chiller from dirty environments. Optional water-cooled condensers use plant water.

Explosion Proof
Filtrine explosion-proof liquid chillers are manufactured to ensure that no spark will be released from the electrical components of the chiller that could ignite gases, dusts or chemicals that may be present. A closed loop, open loop or or one pass chiller can be made explosion proof. Chiller Project Profile: Filtrine's Explosion Proof Chiller Cools Critical Operations Miles from Shore

Bakery, Food Processing, Pharmaceutical and More... Chiller Applications (Batch Draw, Jacketed Mixer and Combination Systems)

Bakery Ingredient Mixing
Filtrine’s unique ingredient batch draw chiller design automatically dumps up to 500 gallons of 34OF ingredient water to ensure consistent dough-out temperatures. Options include in-line filter and ultraviolet sterilizer, 6 inch stainless steel legs, wash down design, dust-proof motors and high ambient condensers. Bakery Chiller Project Profile: Consistent Cooling is the Key

Food Processing
Filtrine’s continuous, stainless steel, coil-in-bath heat exchanger is steam cleanable and ideal for cooling viscous foods, beverages, or distilled spirits. Water filters and in-line ultraviolet water sterilizers are available to provide food-grade water.

Pharmaceutical/Boiler Feed Water
Filtrine’s chillers and water purification systems produce high-purity fluids and can cool any liquid ingredient.

Analytical Testing
Filtrine’s chiller insulated storage tank design provides safety from freeze-ups and allows recirculation of clean coolant at a constant temperature, pressure and flow.

Explosion Proof
A batch draw, jacketed mixer or combination chiller can be made explosion proof. Filtrine explosion-proof liquid chillers are manufactured to ensure that no spark will be released from the electrical components.

Whether the application is chilling gasoline for testing new Ford engines, astronauts’ space suits for NASA, or the US missile guidance system for Hughes Aircraft, Filtrine has provided the perfect chilling solution offering fully customized engineering and options.