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Filtrine INDESTRUCT Model MLA-30 Marine Electric Drinking Water Cooler

Filtrine's free standing INDESTRUCT MARINE ELECTRIC WATER COOLERS are the "heaviest-duty" drinking water fountains in the industry and are specially designed to withstand corrosive salt water environments. They are built with durable materials and epoxy coated components to withstand even the most excessive demands of saltwater and air. INDESTRUCT marine drinking water coolers have become the unit of choice for the world's largest navy fleets and shipbuilders. If the application requires water filtration, the Filtrine Taste Master® water purifier is an option. For CBC USPH Vessel Sanitation Program compliance, specify optional hands free operation.

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The Filtrine INDESTRUCT Model MLA-30 marine drinking water fountain/cooler in the photo above is shown in 18 ga stainless steel with a satin finish top. The mirror finished bubbler is operated with a "Push Button" valve. For military specification MIL-C-24166[C], consider the Model M-10-N marine drinking fountain/cooler which will withstand shock test DWTNSR & DC and vibration test AERONAV.



The Model MLA-30's stainless steel top features a deep basin design to prevent spilling when cooler is inclined to to 15° in any direction. Specify either air cooled (optional dust stop filter is available), water cooled, or Cupro-Nickel condenser for sea water chilling. There is no pre-cooler to clog or collect bacteria. Full rated capacity is based on cooling efficiency without credit to the pre-cooler. Large, chilled water storage assures plenty of cool water at all times, even during peak demand periods. Unique slide-in cooling package simplifies servicing and eliminates down time. The tank is made of stainless steel with an immersion coil evaporator, tested for 125 psi working pressure. It is housed in a rust-proofed, vapor-proof aluminum container insulated with closed cell thermoelastomer. Options include freeze proof or explosion proof design, corrosion protection, stand-by cooling package, hot and cold water gooseneck bottle fillers and Taste Master water purifier.


Optional Taste Master® TMS1-0.5 Water Purifier, housing is heavy duty stainless steel, the element is 0.5 micron with a biodegradable carbon block which removes lead, particulates, cysts, chlorine, organic odors and tastes
Standard Features
Air cooled or water cooled condenser charged with HFO R513A "Ozone Safe - Low GWP" refrigerant, Ranco controls adjustable to suit
Ship Weight PC (lb)
Compressor Motor (HP)
Cooling Capacity
Persons Served
Supply Power
115v/60 cycle with a six foot plug-in cord, other voltages and cycles available on request
Tank Capacity (Gal)
Cabinet Dim D (in)
15 inches
Cabinet Dim H (in)
38 inches
Cabinet Dim W (in)
15 inches

V Engineering Bulletin

Filtrine’s fountains and bottle filling stations are constructed of 16 ga stainless steel or bronze. Select from the following metal finishes for the fountain bowls and support arms, cover and access plates, and bubbler valves*. If the finishes shown below don’t match your decor or you are searching for a unique look, an unlimited amount of colors are available in powder coat for stainless steel.

Drinking Water Finish Guide

Stainless Steel finishes


Filtrine Drinking Water Mirror Stainless Finish


Filtrine Drinking Water Satin Stainless Finish

*Note that the stainless steel “Soft-Touch” bubbler valve is only available in mirror finish.

Stainless Steel Unlimited Powder Coat Color Options (examples shown on Filtrine Model 103 water bottle filing stations)

Filtrine Bottle Filling Station Powder Coat Colors

Bronze finishes


Filtrine Drinking Water Mirror Bronze Finish


Filtrine Drinking Water Satin Bronze Finishe


Filtrine Drinking Water Statuary Bronze Finish

Oil Rubbed

Filtrine Drinking Water Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

As the finish samples shown above are only pictorial representations, Filtrine will be happy to send you a complimentary set of actual samples to help you with your design plans. Call 800-930-3367, use the contact form or email to order today.

Filtrine Drinking Fountains Finishes Sample Kit
Provide chilled fresh water from your filtrine water fountain with point of use electric water coolers or remote central chillers along with the appropriate filtration system for your application. Add bowls as needed for higher volume applications.

Electric Water Cooler (EWC):Equip your fountain with a Filtrine point-of-use electric water cooler in a stainless steel in-wall cabinet with a locking hinged door underneath to cool your drinking water. Choose from louvered (Filtrine FCC Models) or non-louvered (Filtrine FC Models) in the finish of your choice. We can help you select the most economical chiller to fit your demand.

Drinking Water Purifier or Filter:Ensure that your drinking water is of high quality by adding either a Filtrine Taste Master® or Lead- Miser TM purifier, or a particulate filter secured in a stainless steel in-wall cabinet with a locking hinged door.

Double and Triple Fountain Bowls:Add a second or third fountain bowl for aesthetics or extra capacity. The Filtrine Model HL and Model HHL both include a cover plate. Electric water coolers (Filtrine Model FC and FCC) and filtration systems (Filtrine Model TM) are also available with the high/low and high/high/low drinking fountains.

Vandal Proof Drinking Fountains with Bottle Fillers:Filtrine offers multiple tamper proof features. The bubbler heads and “Soft Touch” valves are built with set screws to discourage tampering, or consider the optional vandal-proof “Hands-Free” sensor activated bubbler. The 14 ga stainless steel bottle filler is mounted on 3/8” steel arm above the low fountain with a bottom plate secured with “snake eye” screws for extra protection.

Customize your Filtrine drinking fountain with the following options.

1. The fountain controls are available in four different fixture options and can be made vandal proof. Select from stainless steel or bronze material, mirror finish (standard with stainless steel) or fixtures can be finished to match the bowl/cover plates.

2. Water bottle and glass fillers come in multiple configurations including vandal proof. Select from stainless steel in a mirror finish, or fixtures can be finished to match the bowl/cover plates.

3. Other fountain options include bottle counters (only with fountains with cover plates and hands-free activation) and bottle rests.

4. Cover plates are important additions to your drinking fountain. They hide plumbing and protect the back wall. For easy access to plumbing, consider the installation of an optional access panel under your drinking fountain. Both cover plates and access panels are available in stainless steel or bronze, in a variety of finishes.

5. Other options include cane skirt (also known as a cane apron) fountain bowl support arm designed for the visually impaired, is ADA compliant and is installed on non-recessed double fountains (Filtrine HL Models) on the high fountain (Filtrine Model LS). Unlike the competitors' equipment, Filtrine's cane apron/cane skirts are a durable permanent installation. For extra tamper resistance, and optional vandal-proof security panel can be added under the fountain support arm.

See the Vandal-Proof non-recessed drinking fountain models if your applications require tamper-resistant equipment.