Filtrine Emergency Eye Wash Chillers, Safety Where You Need It in the Hottest Locations

The Filtrine INDESTRUCT emergency eye wash shower chillers are designed to cool warm inlet water in very high ambient temperatures. The oversized condensing unit never overloads and keeps the unit running in 125°F [52°C] climates. The large reserve capacity allows for a gpm flow rate of 59°F [15°C] water to the eyewash fixtures. The heavy duty stainless steel cooling tank is insulated with closed cell thermoelastomer and includes a stainless steel immersion coil evaporator. Choose from standard #304 or optional #316L stainless steel for tank construction.

Need Both an Electric Water Cooler and an Eye Wash Station?

Consider a modification of Filtrine’s popular Model IM industrial heavy duty drinking water free standing fountain. The IM comes with either a single or double bowl and can also include an eye wash station. Water purification can be added to either the emergency eye wash shower chiller Model SH or the Model IM drinking water fountain with eye wash station. Select from industrial, high ambient or explosion proof models.

Features include:

  • Chiller is provided with complete controls for automatic operation including: adjustable thermostat, high/low pressure control, freeze control, expansion valve, refrigerant dehydrator, liquid indicator and magnetic starters.
  • Over-sized compressor is mounted on vibration isolators. Extra large copper condenser includes aluminum fins and heavy-duty fan motor designed to avoid overload in high ambient temperatures.
  • Complete system charge with HFO “Ozone Safe – Low GWP” refrigerant is included, capacity-tested and ready for operation.
  • Heavy gauge painted aluminum cabinet panels are built on a welded steel frame with stainless steel top and corner legs. Cabinet panels are removable without tools for access to all components.

Options include: explosion proof design, recirculating pump sized for each application (consult with factory or local sales rep), weather-resistant anodized aluminum cabinet for outdoor use, particulate water filter (Model PFS), UV water sterilization (Filtrine’s Steri Flo®)

Call 800-930-3367 and ask for the drinking water division or contact your local Filtrine Drinking Water Representative to learn more about recovery time vs duration of drench which varies by model.