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Filtrine drinking water equipment and chillers can be customized to chill almost any application.

For drinking water equipment, from fountains to central water chillers, Filtrine develops the right solution for your application. Filtrine has come up with custom designs from bottle filling stations on trains to elegant drinking fountains in museums, select from a wide range of models (including ADA Compliance), styles and finishes.

While Filtrine is known for chillers that consistently cool medical and bakery systems, other top companies look to Filtrine to design chillers to cool everything from pharmaceutical processes to NASA shuttles. Filtrine builds the equipment for the site not the other way around, options include explosion proof or OSHPD seismic approved chillers.



Institutional Drinking Water Applications 

Office/Office Buildings
When Filtrine drinking water dispensing equipment is installed in an office, employees are able to refill their personal bottles or glasses with chilled safe, great tasting water. Additionally Filtrine’s drinking water fountain options are only limited by the designer’s imagination. Your office décor will be enhanced by a stylish and beautiful Filtrine drinking fountain and/or bottle filling station that can either blend into the background or stand out as an architecturally pleasing fixture. Drinking Water Project Profile: The Award Winning Red Building in West Hollywood CA Features Filtrine Fountains/Recirculating Chillers/Purifiers

Sustainability is especially important to many colleges and universities looking to reduce bottled water waste and energy costs. All Filtrine drinking fountains are available with bottle filler options to allow for the use of refillable bottles. Additionally, Filtrine chillers utilize immersion coil evaporators which provide a higher capacity of chilled water while saving energy over traditional cooling technologies. Drinking Water Project Profile: Filtrine, Sustainability and Hampshire College’s R.W. Kern Center

Healthcare /Behaviorial Health Facilities
Serving drinking water in a hospital setting presents unique challenges in regards to maintenance and infection control. All of Filtrine’s drinking fountains, bottle filling stations, and dispensers are made from 100% stainless steel or bronze. This metallic construction allows for easy cleaning/sanitizing, high durability, and doesn’t allow for bacteria growth unlike competitors’ water dispensers made with plastic components. Drinking Water Project Profile: Filtrine Specially Designed Water Bottle Filling Stations Installed in Mental Health Facilities Across the US

Filtrine’s fountains are the epitome of style and design. No other manufacturer offers a wider variety of drinking fountain bowls types and materials. Specifying architects and engineers can choose from stainless steel or bronze construction options, and can make a bolder statement by selecting a drinking fountain model constructed of wood, marble, or poly aggregate. Unlimited finish options and colors ensure that the drinking fountains in your museum will have the same aesthetic quality and beauty as the artifacts being displayed. Drinking Water Solutions Newsletter: The Challenges of Water Chilling, Purification and Filtration in Hot and Dry Climates 

Government and municipal office buildings have long trusted Filtrine to provide central purification and cooling solutions to increase security of the drinking water and significantly reduce maintenance costs. The General Services Administration (GSA) has used Filtrine drinking fountains and chillers in most of their highest profile offices and also throughout the many courthouses across the US.  

Food Service
Filtrine’s experience in the design and manufacture of drinking water equipment for commercial kitchens and food preparation areas stretches back to the early 1930’s. Today, our all-in-one drop in water station glass filler chiller/purifier/dispenser installs easily in any counter-top to provide chilled and purified water. Filtrine also offers free standing single and double water stations, perfect for any cafeteria or mess hall. With flexible solutions for everything from scale control, water cooling, purification and dispensing, Filtrine has a tested solution for your food service application. Download the Filtrine Model DIA Engineering Bulletin for more information.

Filtrine’s drinking water equipment grace hotel lobbies, spas and fitness centers across the US and overseas. The wide variety of models, materials and finishes including bronze, stainless steel and more, are popular with architects and engineers. The ability to match any décor makes the durable beautiful Filtrine drinking fountains/bottle filling stations a dramatic feature. Operations are a breeze with vandal proof, electric water cooler and access panel options. Drinking Water Project Profile: From Glitzy to Historic, Filtrine Fountains Enhance Hotel Interiors 

Challenging Drinking Water Applications

Military Installations
The term “mission critical” takes on a whole new meaning for Filtrine when designing and building equipment to keep our troops healthy and hydrated. Filtrine has provided hydration solutions to all five branches of the US military for more than 80 years. Recently, Filtrine MFS-100 chiller/purifier/dispensers were installed at the US military base in Djabouti, Africa. In the first year of operation, Filtrine’s mobile bottle filling stations saved the navy over a million dollars by eliminating the need for large quantities of disposable bottled water. Drinking Water Project Profile: US Navy and Air Force Use Filtrine's INDESTRUCT Mobile Filling Stations to Serve Troops Abroad

Shipyards and Navy Ships
Filtrine's  INDESTRUCT military strength marine water coolers, Model MLA,  are the "heaviest-duty" and the most rugged water cooler in the industry and are specially designed to withstand corrosive salt water environments. Built with the most durable materials (18 gauge stainless steel) and components (Epoxy Coated) they can withstand even the most excessive demands of shipyards and heavy industry. Filtrine’s INDESTRUCT brand coolers have become the unit-of-choice of the world's largest navy and ship builders. Model M-10-N complies with MIL spec: MIL-C-24166[C] and will withstand shock test DWTNSR & DC and vibration test AERONAV. Drinking Water Project Profile: Shipyards Look to Filtrine to Hydrate Their Workers 

Cruise Ships
The INDESTRUCT Model MLA also works well on cruise ships. Its durable stainless steel finish and the unique slide in cooling package simplifies servicing and eliminates down time while providing chilled filtered water. The top fixture (Model BS series) and the front fixture (Model MS series) cafeteria style Food Service Water Stations' features include custom color panels to match the cafeteria décor and the oversized water storage which satisfies peak demand. Drinking Water Project Profile: Enjoy Tasty Water with Filtrine's Marine Fountains

Industrial (Heavy-duty, High Ambient and Explosion Proof)
Instead of the traditional means of serving potable water (i.e. bottled water) in extreme environments such as those found in oil & gas or heavy-duty manufacturing facilities, INDESTRUCT Model IM electric water coolers are a sustainable, low cost alternative, and durable enough to stand up to any industrial environment. Other models include high ambient, Model IM-HA, and explosion-proof, Model IM-XP.

Drinking water equipment designed for trains, planes and RVs all come with unique engineering challenges, tight space requirements, and additional federal and state regulations. Filtrine is the leader in supplying chillers and water dispensers for these applications, and has been contracted to supply bottle filling stations, chillers, and purification equipment for the next generation of US passenger rail cars.

In collaboration with the US Federal Bureau of Prisons, Filtrine built a heavy-duty tamperproof electric water cooler with many unique features. The Model WCS-20-LTW is a dual-bowl fixture. One bowl has a traditional bubbler head that serves chilled water and the other side has a goose-neck glass filler that dispenses hot water for tea, coffee, and soup. These drinking fountains are now located in many federal facilities across the country. Drinking Water Project Profile: Installation of Federal Bureau of Prisons Approved Electric Water Coolers

Drinking Water Branding Opportunity Applications

There are few applications where cool drinking water is more of a necessity than in a fitness center or gym. Additionally, the growing popularity of fitness classes and bottle refilling increases the likelihood of peak demand times (multiple users filling their bottles before and after class).  Filtrine has long been the brand of choice for several national gym chains because of our proprietary chiller design. Filtrine chillers feature an immersion coil evaporator that allows for storage of large volumes of chilled water to ensure all members get chilled water quickly. Even the smallest Filtrine chiller has (2) gallons of chilled purified water ready at all times. Drinking Water Project Profile: Equinox/SoulCycle Selects Filtrine Equipment Before Opening Their First West Coast Location Equinox Fitness Center Goes Green with Filtrine

A cohesive brand identity is becoming more and more important to retailers of all kinds. Filtrine’s unlimited powder-coated finishes allows a store designer to accentuate the interior of a retail space in their brand color, even applying a customized logo if desired. Retailers will contact Filtrine to design an original drinking fountain design that mirrors the aesthetic features of their products. Filtrine engineers enable specifiers to create a one-of-a-kind water fountain design to enhance their brand.Drinking Water Solutions Update: Customize Your Drinking Water Fountain/Bottle Filling Station

Amusement Parks
Filtrine’s customization abilities are often put to the test by amusement parks, such as Disney, who have found that Filtrine fountain models can be easily integrated into their various themes. These fountains serve a dual purpose: to keep the hordes of guests hydrated with chilled/purified water and to add to the fantasy and wonderment of the park experience. Drinking Water Project Profile: Filtrine Delivers Durable Drinking Fountains to Disney Resorts Around the World

Historical Style Outdoor Drinking Fountain Applications 

Downtowns and Public Spaces
It can be a challenge to find the right style drinking fountain or bottle filling station models for historic districts, downtowns and parks. Filtrine offers a dual bottle filling station that is cast in Alloy Castings New England Style fire call box and street light pedestal molds. Drinking Water Project Profile: Melding the Old with New - Filtrine's Innovative Outdoor Approach to the Popular Model B103 Bottle Filling Station

For historic outdoor pedestal drinking fountains, Filtrine has partnered with Robinson Iron to either replicate or custom cast drinking fountains to match nineteenth century ironworks.

WARRANTY: Filtrine warrants to the original buyer that Filtrine drinking water equipment is free from defects in material and workmanship. The time period is specified in the manual shipped with the equipment.

Craftmanship is paramount at Filtrine. Each employee in production is rigorously trained to adhere to Filtrine’s high manufacturing standards. Shown here: Steve is setting up a piece of sheet metal in Filtrine's Strippit.
Steve setting up sheet metal on the strippit machine