Learn More About Setting Up a Sign Next to Your Drinking Water Bottle Filler Station

Congratulations, you are contributing to keeping our environment cleaner! You have installed a water bottle filler/dispenser making it possible for building occupants to re-fill their personal bottles. But wait, there is another important aspect of a “green Initiative” against disposable bottled water that is often overlooked. Telling students, staff, or patrons about the water you’re providing will make them comfortable using the new bottle filler. Also, convincing them that the water you are serving is as good (or better) than what comes in their disposable water bottles is critical. 

The easiest and most cost effective way to educate building occupants is with signage. By mounting a poster, sign, or plaque next to the water bottle filling station (also known as a Hydration Station) you can describe how you are handling the drinking water. For instance, if your building water filtration system or bottle filling station is equipped with a Filtrine Taste Master® purifier, the signage can explain that the water distributed in this building is treated to remove lead (0.5 micron element), bacteria, cysts, and chlorine taste and odor for better tasting and safer water.

The State of New Hampshire Department of Environmental Service’s bottle filling station poster is good example of this. The poster text below explains why Filtrine water bottle filling station users should use refillable water bottles in their office buildings:

Bottle-Filling Station
Bottle filling stations allow building occupants to refill their personal bottles quickly and efficiently promoting good health and the use of the buildings water is a great way to promote sustainability and green practices.

100% stainless steel construction and the “Hands Free” photocell activator ensure that the bottle filling station is sanitary and easy to clean, while also helping to stop vandalism and water waste.

The water for this building comes from the city of Concord’s water supply which is managed by Concord’s General Services Department.

Water is drawn from Penacook Lake and the Contocook River passes through the Concord Water Treatment Plant, where it is filtered and disinfected in a process known as Conventional Treatment. After this initial treatment, fluoride is added, and adjustments are made to the pH and alkalinity to reduce the natural corrosiveness of the water. Finally, the chlorine disinfectant is converted to a longer-lasting form called monochloromine, which protects the treated water from microbial recontamination on the way to homes and businesses.

In addition to the high-quality water that is filtered, treated, and piped into this building, further polishing and chilling is done on location [using a Filtrine Chiller and Purifier] to provide great-tasting water on-demand to each of the bubblers and bottle filling stations.

A central chiller located on the lower level filters, purifies, and sterilizes the water, before chilling and circulating it throughout the building.

The Filtrine unit features an energy-saving design for low operating and maintenance cost, integral Taste Master purifier for improved taste and odor, and includes a UV sterilizer. Copper piping throughout the building acts as an antimicrobial.

Filtrine is continually working with other organizations helping them promote the use of refillable water bottles. Anyone interested in learning more about drinking water infrastructure should contact the Drinking Water and Groundwater Bureau.

Filtrine can help you to promote the use of refillable water bottles to keep our environment clean. If you are interested in learning more about setting up a program in your building or building plan, email drinkingwater@filtrine.com or fill out the General Inquiry Form.

For information on Filtrine drinking water products, fill out the Drinking Water Product Request a Quote Form or contact your local Filtrine Drinking Water Representative.

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