Filtrine Water Bottle Filler Stations Installed at Dentist Offices and Dental Schools

Filtrine approaches each drinking water application with the goal to make serving drinking water easier and more efficient. Dental schools use large bottles attached to each chair as a source of water for rinsing, as opposed to every dental chair set up with separate water lines. This idea is efficient and cost effective, and enables the chairs’ water lines to be sanitized regularly. Unfortunately, since the typical dental chair water bottle is larger than the average water bottle, it is awkward to refill it in a standard sink. The dental school in Ontario, Canada wanted to try a new approach and reached out to Filtrine.

Filtrine found a way to assist the field of dentistry education. Recognizing the problem, Filtrine modified the design of their popular water bottle fillers (also known as Hydration Stations). This unit was specially designed to conform to the dental chair bottles and fill them quickly and easily with purified water. As a result, the school is utilizing an on-wall Filtrine Model B103 bottle filling station mounted conveniently near the dental chair.

Space being primary concern in dental office design, the area also serves as workstation, but maintains an attractive and inviting aesthetic. The discrete location and attractive lines of the Model B103 bottle filler is the perfect blend of form and function.

This modification was so well received; Filtrine then built this model for the Fort Leonard Wood Dental Clinic in Missouri so they could also be more efficient. Other dental offices have also taken advantage of this special feature and started specifying the unit for their dental stations. Any Filtrine bottle filling station can be made touchless.

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