Filtrine PF140TRIP In-line Particulate Water Filter

Removes 5 Micron Particles, Flow Rate: 420 gpm


Particulate filters (PF) remove sediment and other suspended particles from drinking water and process water using cartridges made from thermally-bonded microfibers of polypropylene. "Graded-Depth" construction provide element fibers which are wound more tightly toward the core of the cartridge. Consequently, the entire depth of the filter element is used for more effective filtration and longer service life.

The filter elements do not rely on cartridge compression. Filtrine's exclusive "Dual-Seal" design ensures first-day effectiveness for the life of the element.


Filtrine’s Model PF140TRIP three high capacity in-line particulate filter housings are constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel and are rated at 125 psi working pressure. Particulate filters are the ideal solution for water treatment when turbidity, particulates and suspended solids are present in the make up water.

The 5.0 micron spun poly filter, Filtrine’s Model PFS140-36-5-SP, removes suspended particles.


Removes sediment and other suspended particles using material made from thermally-bonded microfibers of polypropylene.

Flow Rate: 420 gpm

Overall Dimensions (in): 56W x 28D x 64 3/4H

Filter: [3] Housings [21] 5.0 micron spun poly elements

Water Conn. (In/Out: FPT): 4″

Shipping Weight (lbs.): 800

Filter Maintenance:

  • No tools needed.
  • Remove old cartridges and slide in new cartridges over standpipes in housing.
  • Periodic replacement of the filter cartridge is the only regular maintenance required.
  • Gauges indicate when it is necessary to change elements.

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