Filtrine INDESTRUCT SH-260-2 High Ambient Shower Chiller

Available as a Horizontal or Vertical Unit


In climates where both ambient and inlet water temperatures often exceed 115°F [45°C], Filtrine’s INDESTRUCT SHOWER WATER chillers provide a stand-by reservoir of cool 59°F [15°C] water. Other water chiller applications include spas, cold plunge and standard pools, baths and eye wash stations.

To help with another challenge, dirty water, Filtrine's optional two-stage water purification process is comprised of a spun poly Particulate filter (Model PF) and an UV Water Sterilizer (Model S). The filter cartridge eliminates particulate shadowing in the sterilization chamber and the UV sterilizer neutralizes micro-organisms that can cause water borne diseases. This avoids the use of chemicals or other toxic products.

Select Your Configuration Options:


Fountain Controls, Bottle Fillers, Cover Plates, Tamper-resistant, etc.

There is only one finish available at this time. Contact for more information.


This model series features a cooling tank made of # 304 or optional #316L heavy gauge stainless steel, insulated with closed cell thermoelastomer, and a stainless steel immersion coil evaporator. The oversized compressor is mounted on vibration isolators. The extra large copper condenser has aluminum fins and a heavy-duty fan motor which is designed to operate in an ambient of 120°F [49°C].

The system comes charged with “Ozone Safe-Low GWP” HFO refrigerant, capacity-tested and ready for operation.

Options include explosion-proof design, weather resistant anodized aluminum cabinet, recirculating pump, filtration and UV water sterilization.


Standard Features: Controls for automatic operation include adjustable thermostat, high/low pressure control, freeze control, expansion valve, refrigerant dehydrator, liquid indicator and starters

Number of Showers Per Hr @ 50 Gal each: 4

Hours Btwn Draw @ 50 Gal each: 6

NPT Conn In/Out: 3/4

Cabinet Dimensions (in): Horizontal Chiller – 94W x 62D x 64H

Optional Pre-Filter: Particulate Filter Model PF6 -DUP

Optional UV Water Sterilizer: Steri Flo Model S

Supply Power: SH-50-1/2 to SH-130-1: 110/120/1/60, 220-240/1/60, 230/1/50; SH-130-1 to SH-520-5: 200-220/3/60, 440-480/3/60, 380-415/50, 380/3/60

Tank Capacity (Gal): 260

Compressor Motor (HP): 2

Shipping Weight (lbs): 3800