Filtrine IL140-SF-TM UV Water Sterilizer/Pre-filter/Carbon Purifier

Three-stage Process Removes 5 micron particles, organic tastes/odors, chlorine taste/odor, destroys bacteria and organic growth, 140 gpm


Ultraviolet (UV) water sterilization is the safe alternative to chlorine for drinking water, storage tanks, ingredient chillers or pools. It is also highly effective in food processing or rainwater recovery systems. In Filtrine’s ultraviolet sterilizers, called the Steri Flo® series, the UV radiation with a wave length of 2,536 angstrom, is produced from a low pressure mercury lamp.

Filter/purifier elements do not rely on cartridge compression. Filtrine's exclusive "Dual-Seal" design ensures first-day effectiveness for the life of the element.


Part of a three-stage purification system, Model IL140-SF-TM UV water sterilizer comes with a PFS140-35-5-SP spun poly particulate filters for longer-lasting life and TM10-35-5-CB Taste Master® carbon block purifiers for better tasting water.

Filtrine’s Steri Flo UV water sterilizers feature effective germicidal which eliminates micro-organisms. No chemicals or toxic products are used and low cost operation, easy installation and maintenance are key features.

If a two-stage purification system is needed, consider the IL-SF series with a UV water sterilizer and a spun poly particulate pre-filter for longer-lasting life, or the S-05 UV water sterilizer series can be specified as a stand alone unit.


Flow Rate: 140 gpm

Overall Dimensions (in): 88W x 28D x 62H

Stage One Pre-filter: [1] 16 ga. stainless steel housing [7] 5.0 micron spun poly particulate filter

Stage Two Carbon Purifier: [2] 16 ga. stainless steel housing [14] 5.0 micron Taste Master carbon block purifiers

Stage Three UV Sterilizer: [3] chamber [12] UV tube

Supply Power: 115/60/1, other voltages available, consult factory

Water Conn. (In/Out: FPT): 3″

Shipping Weight (lbs): 1500


  • Replace filters and purifiers every 4 months or more often if required.
  • Change UV bulbs after 10-12 months of constant use.

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