Filtrine QCP-1.5-ASX Quick Connect Panel/Heat Exchanger

With Heat Exchanger, In-line Filter, Temperature Gauges, Pressure Gauges, Flow Meter

Designed to be used with a Filtrine medical chiller, this compact panel has a built-in heat exchanger which allows switching automatically to a back up source of cooling (either city water or plant chilled water) if a fault condition should occur. Note that the back up cooling will not be available if the water from the chiller stops circulating. For fail-safe protection, specify a back up pump with emergency power in event of a power failure. It also prevents loss of the primary cooling medium (glycol, distilled water, etc) during the switchover.

The panel provides diagnostic information on the Filtrine chiller at a glance. It is housed in an enameled aluminum cabinet with a stainless steel top, bottom and frame and includes a built-in filter in the primary cooling loop to protect the medical equipment. It is installed between the chiller and medical equipment. There is an easy-to-open door in front of the panel that provides access to valves and filter for routine maintenance.



Heat Exchanger: Brazed-plate water-to-water heat exchanger removes up to 240,000 BTU/hr from primary cooling solution at a flow rate of 35 gpm using city water or plant chilled water as the secondary coolant. The maximum temperature of the secondary coolant should be at least 5°F colder than the desired primary coolant temperature.

Temperature Gauges: For water entering and leaving equipment are dial-type, in Celsius and Fahrenheit, uses probe for maximum accuracy with no pressure drop.

Pressure Gauges: Dial-type, in psi and bar and generate no pressure drop.

Flow Meter: Analog type with moving indicator in liters and gallons per minute, for minimum pressure drop.

Filter: Bag-type, using 50 micron bag with less than 1 psi pressure drop when new. Filter located inside the panel; includes bypass piping to ensure easy filter element change.


Chiller Side: 1-1/2” FPT [38 mm] copper pipe (other sizes available)
Equipment Side: 1-1/2” FPT [38 mm]
Service Drain: 1/2” FPT [12.5mm]


Constructed of enameled aluminum panels with stainless steel top and sides. Panel is removable without tools for access to valves and filter.


56″ [1,423 mm] W x 14″ [457 mm] D x 36″ [915 mm] H


115/60/1 supplied from Filtrine chiller


Unit Weight: 450 lbs. [203 Kg]


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For medical chiller model specification sheets, contact or your local chiller sales representative.