Filtrine QCP-1.25 Quick Connect Panel

With In-line Filter, Temperature Gauges, Pressure Gauges, Flow Meter

A properly operating chiller is essential for the operation of your medical equipment such as MRI, CT or linear accelerator. Filtrine's Model QCP-1.25 quick connect panel provides diagnostic information on your Filtrine medical chiller so that you can see at glance if it is operating correctly and carry out maintenance, if required, to prevent down-time. Filtrine has selected these gauges, etc., in consultation with medical equipment manufacturers, to work with their units.
This compact panel is installed between the Filtrine chiller and medical equipment for instantaneous availability of autoswitchover to city water [optional], pressure gauges, temperature gauges, flow meter and in-line filter. The panel is complete with all valves, solenoids, bypass and service drains. An easy-to-open door on the front of the panel provides access to valves and filter for routine maintenance. The complete unit is housed in a enameled aluminum cabinet with stainless steel top, bottom and frame.



Temperature Gauges: For water entering and leaving equipment are dial-type, in Celsius and Fahrenheit, uses probe for maximum accuracy with no pressure drop.

Pressure Gauges: Dial-type, in psi and bar and generate no pressure drop.

Flow Meter: Analog type with moving indicator in liters and gallons per minute, for minimum pressure drop.

Filter: Bag-type, using 50 micron bag with less than 1 psi pressure drop when new. Filter located inside the panel; includes bypass piping to ensure easy filter element change.

Overall Pressure Drop: Through panel at 26 gpm flow is under 10 psi when filter is clean.


AS – Auto Switchover to City Water: Cooling is already piped for easy access to backup cooling. Power supplied from Filtrine medical chiller is 115/60/1. Switchover occurs on high temperature, low flow and power loss alarms.

HT – High Temperature Interlock: Signals warning light when coolant temperature exceeds high limit. (Located in Filtrine medical chiller.)

LF – Low Flow Interlock: Signals warning light upon loss of coolant flow [pump failure]. (Located in Filtrine medical chiller.)

UPS – Battery Backup: Helps prevent loss of glycol due to nuisance tripping during short power failure, brownout or generator testing.


Chiller Side: 1-1/4” FPT [32 mm] copper pipe (other sizes available)
Equipment Side: 1-1/4” FPT [32 mm]
Service Drain: 1/2” FPT [12.5 mm]


Constructed of enameled aluminum panels with stainless steel top and sides. Panel is removable without tools for access to valves and filter.


37″ [940 mm] W x 14″ [356 mm] D x 44″ [1,118 mm] H


Unit Weight: 300 lbs. [135 Kg]


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For medical chiller model specification sheets, contact or your local chiller sales representative.