Filtrine One-Pass PC-4000-430 Chiller

With 40 HP Compressor, 3 HP Pump, 260 gal Storage Capacity


Filtrine PC chillers are specifically designed for one-pass cooling. A high transfer immersion coil evaporator supplies maximum capacity at any flow rate with no pressure drop. Storage tank design permits close temperature control without short-cycling. Choose from two condenser configurations to match your specific site requirements. The PC-4000 is available with either an fan cooled condenser inside the chiller housing (PC-4000-A) or a water cooled condenser (PC-4000-W) for hookup to city or tower water.

PC - One-Pass Chillers - A completely packaged liquid chiller designed for applications where the liquid to be cooled passes through the chiller only once before either being added as an ingredient to a product or fouled by the product it is cooling. It is most important that a one-pass chiller be able to chill liquids at high and low flow rates without significant pressure drop or danger of freeze up, and yet have close, accurate temperature control.



  • Energy saving design where the compressor only runs as needed
  • Close temperature control
  • Welded stainless steel cooling tank
  • Uses “Ozone Safe – Low Global Warming Potential (GWP)” HFO refrigerant


Condenser Models: AR, Remote Air cooled condenser furnished separately for mounting on roof; W, water cooled condenser for hookup to city or tower water

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Cooling Capacity
BTU/HR: 430,000
Watts: 114,000
Rating Conditions:
Coolant Discharge Temperature: 68oF [20oC]
Ambient Temperature: 90oF [32oC]

Tank Capacity (Gal): 260
Compressor Motor (HP): 40
Circulating Pump (HP): 3 Cabinet Dimensions (in):  116″W x 62″D x 70″H
Shipping Weight (lbs): 5000 (2250 kg)

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