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Filtrine Manufacturing Company provides custom engineering solutions for drinking water, purification and process chilling applications with a focus on sustainability. The company culture embraces innovation, customization, building durable equipment that can work in challenging conditions, and a dedicated workforce including a network of representatives throughout the world.



Filtrine’s staff in the office and on the production floor focus on quality construction. Following ISO practices with an eye on sustainability, the team works hard to be the best they can be.  Here are some examples of Filtrine employees hard at work.

Pauline welding a support arm of a non-recessed drinking fountain. V

Pauline welding  non-recessed drinking fountain support arm

Mike wrapping a coil before it goes into a chiller storage tank.  V

Mike wrapping a large chiller coil

Pete from engineering and Steve from production discussing the electrical wiring configuration of a chiller.  V

Pete and Steve discussing the electrical configuration of a large chiller

Wayne testing a small drinking water chiller.  V

Wayne testing small drinking water chiller

Jason bronzing a Model 107-16 drinking water fountain.  V

Jason bronzing Model 107-16 drinking water fountain

Mario assembling a large chiller storage tank. V

Mario assembling a storage tank for a large chiller

Josh from engineering discussing the shop drawing of a drinking water fountain with John from production. V

Josh and John looking at a drinking fountain shop drawing

Henry welding a large chiller storage tank. V

Henry welding a large chiller storage tank