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Modular Chiller Systems

Filtrine modular chillers are designed for installations where entry space is limited due to doorways, hallways or freight elevators. The modular unit can be dissassembled into multiple sections and reassembled at its final location. Quality construction, one of the best warranties in the business, energy-saving features, and a variety of options provide dependable, consistent cooling for countless equipment and industrial processes needs. Filtrine builds your modular chiller to your specifications starting with a welded stainless steel storage-type cooling tank with a stainless steel evaporator coil inside. Modular recirculating chiller models are available in Closed Loop (PCP) and Open Loop (POC) configurations.


Modular Chillers

Filtrine Recirculating Modular Chillers designed to fit through small spaces

The Filtrine Model PCP or POC-1500G-720-M4 is built in four* sections to fit through tight doorways, freight elevators and hallways anywhere, though most commonly found in city buildings. The chiller provides capacity control, and built in redundancy using four* independent 15 HP refrigeration circuits which can be staged to match varying loads for energy savings. (The design can be changed to 2, 3, or more modules based on site requirements.)

Other features include:

  • Storage construction: consistent temperature control and safety from freeze-up without constant operation. 
  • Complete temperature control: temperature adjustable within a range of 40° to 90°F (5° to 32°C) and will hold temperature plus or minus 2°F (1°C) of setting. (1°F is optional.)
  • Welded stainless steel cooling tank: recirculates clean coolant sealed from the atmosphere, avoiding bacterial build-up and internal corrosion.
  • Use of HFO refrigerants: eliminates the effects of ozone-depleting and high GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerant as per Montreal Protocol.
  • And more!

The PCP or POC-1500G-720-M4 model is an example of a Filtrine modular chiller design. To find out if your application requires a different modular chiller model, contact your local Filtrine sales rep.

*Other configurations are available.

For more chiller options, see Options and Accessories. Download Recirculating Loop Chillers Modular Design Specifications for more details.

WARRANTY: All Filtrine chiller parts covered FOB jobsite for 12 months from start-up date or 15 months from date of shipment, whichever comes first. For most chiller models, Filtrine can arrange start-up, preventative maintenance and first year service on all parts and labor. In addition, Filtrine offers extended warranty service contracts that cover all parts and all labor. 
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