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Batch & Jacketed Combination Chiller Systems

Filtrine has been providing combination batch draw and jacketed chiller and combination coolers for mixers since the 1940's for the food industry. Filtine's unique storage-type combination batch draw and jacketed chiller design provides consistent 34°F [1.1°C] water without fear of freeze-up for ingredient mixing. Filtrine's combination batch draw and jacketed chillers can cool food-graded glycol to as low as 10°F [-12°C] for jacketed mixers to control heat generated during the mixing process.

Filtrine batch-draw chillers can also be used for general food and pharmaceutical processing applications. In addition, contact us about our continuous, stainless steel, coil-in-bath heat exchanger, which is steam cleanable and ideal for cooling viscous foods.

Or you can get the best of both with a Filtrine combination ingredient and jacket cooler. This option could save you space and money. Contact a Filtrine Representative to discuss building the right combination for your food processing or other needs.


Batch Draw/Jacketed Mixer Chiller Combination

Filtrine Batch Draw-Jacketed Mixer Chillers Combination


For space-saving efficiency and economy the Batch Draw and Jacket Water chillers can be combined into one unit. PB models can be paired with PCP units of balanced capacity to provide PBC models in one, compact housing.

The combination Ingredient and Jacket Water chiller includes separate cooling circuits, each with its own compressor and individual controls. These circuits can be operated separately when needed.

All combination chillers are constructed of the same heavy duty components as the individual Ingredient and Jacket chillers mounted in a cabinet of enameled aluminum panels with stainless steel corner legs and top on a welded angle iron frame.  Panels removable for access to all components.

Also consider Filtrine’s popular filters such as the Taste Master® purifier and in-line Steri-Flo® UV Sterilizer for purifying the  makeup water used to make the best-tasting baked goods, or other foods and beverages. See Water Purification & Filtration for more information.

Batch Draw/Jacketed Mixer Chiller Combination Operation and Specifications

Model Number Comp H.P. Pump H.P. Storage - Gal. Comp H.P. Pump H.P. Storage - Gal. W D H
PBC-150 1 1/2 20 1/2 1/4 10 72 34 60
PBC-200 1 1/2 1/2 30 3/4 1/3 12 72 34 64
PBC-300 2 1/2 50 1 1/3 20 82 34 68
PBC-500 3 3/4 100 1 1/2 1/3 25 96 38 70
PBC-750 5 1 100 2 1/2 50 90 42 74
PBC-1000 7 1/2 1 160 3 1/2 100 96 42 80
PBC-1500 10 1 1/2 200 5 1/2 100 90 50 86
PBC-2000 15 2 300 7 1/2 34 100 Check with factory
PBC-3000 20 2 400 10 3/4 100

Contact the factory for bulletins 800-930-3367

NOTE: Combination chillers can be equipped with PURIFIER on Ingredient Unit. Please consult factory.

NOTE: Other combination chiller configurations are available. Please consult factory.

WARRANTY: All Filtrine chiller parts covered FOB jobsite for 12 months from start-up date or 15 months from date of shipment, whichever comes first. For most chiller models, Filtrine can arrange start-up, preventative maintenance and first year service on all parts and labor. In addition, Filtrine offers extended warranty service contracts that cover all parts and all labor. 
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