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Drinking Water Solutions Update ~ Vol. 2 Edition 1
Now that the holidays are over you are back at your desk. You have a building project in the works and you are beginning your search for drinking water equipment. Your wish list may include…More
Drinking Water Solutions Update ~ Vol. 1 Edition 22
Architects and engineers are often tasked with selecting electric water coolers for their buildings or building plans, or replacing one during a building renovation. With the wide array of models and companies, what should they look for...More
Drinking Water Solutions Update ~ Vol. 1 Edition 21
The challenge: how to dispense water in a way that reflects a historical downtown in a small New England city. In Keene’s iconic Central Square in Filtrine’s hometown in Southwestern New Hampshire, there is an old drinking fountain that has reached the end of its...More
Drinking Water Solutions Update ~ Vol. 1 Edition 20
Since construction in the 1950s and 1960s, Lincoln Center in New York City has expanded to thirty indoor and outdoor facilities, eleven resident arts organizations and welcomes 5 million visitors...More