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Drinking Water Solutions Update ~ Vol. 2 Edition 10
What do they have in common? In the early 1980’s, Maine’s legislature voted to devote 1% of funds designated for public building construction to commissioning art installations. The goal was to make “public spaces more appealing, useful or accessible through the incorporation of artworks.” ...More
Chiller Solutions Update ~ Vol. 1 Edition 3
For over 110 years, Filtrine has been committed to building quality equipment in the US. Filtrine’s chillers for medical, industrial and bakery applications are custom built by carefully trained craftsmen and women. This requires special skills and years of experience. ...More
Drinking Water Solutions Update ~ Vol. 2 Edition 9
High water consumption is inevitable in any fitness center. Multiple classes being held at the same time results in drinking water equipment being heavily taxed during "peak demand" times...More
Drinking Water Solutions Update ~ Vol. 2 Edition 8
Shipbuilders around the world face tough climate conditions which impact the hydration of their workers such as high ambient temperatures and salty air. The Hampton Roads region in Virginia has both. It is the home of the US Navy’s Norfolk Naval Shipyard, and Newport News Shipbuilding, ...More