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Top Chiller Solutions of 2017

Flitrine chillers for mobile - explosion proof - bakery applications

Chillers for modular buildings, oil & gas platform welding and pizza dough...

How One Chiller Can Take the Place of Two Saving Space and Providing Mobility at the Same Time
A modular medical building manufacturer based in Florida, RAD Technology Medical Systems, contacted Filtrine to see if they could manufacture a custom chiller that would cool cancer treatment equipment consistently along with the air conditioning unit.

Safety at Sea
Shell Oil was looking for a safe solution to welding new pipes together on old oil rigs while the rig was in operation. The concern was that the heat and flame of the welding tools could cause an explosion.

Why Bakery Chillers Need Consistent Cooling
As ambient temperatures begin to rise and spring changes into summer, commercial bakeries begin to think about how to chill their ingredients during the hottest months of the year.


Chiller Applications

Filtrine builds the equipment for the site not the other way around, special options include explosion proof or OSHPD seismic approved chillers. Learn more...


For more information on how to customize your chiller, contact your Filtrine Representative today.

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