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Choosing the Best Drinking Fountain for Dispensing Water on Ships 

Filtrine Drinking Fountains on Cruise Ships, Passenger Ferries and more

The passenger ship industry has changed over the years and Filtrine’s drinking water equipment and water filtration systems have kept up with it. 

Carnival and Holland America Cruise Lines have been working with Filtrine for over 30 years. Filtrine’s free standing drinking fountain, Larco Model  LA-15-LTW (now known as Filtrine’s INDESTRUCT Model MLA-15) was installed in one of Holland America’s MS Noordam cruise ships in the early 1990s. The durable stainless steel finish and the unique slide in cooling package that simplifies servicing and eliminates down time were why the Carnival engineers selected the model.

The top fixture (Model BS series) and the front fixture (Model MS series) cafeteria style Food Service Water Stations have been installed in Carnival’s Sensation, Imagination and Ecstasy cruise ships. Carnival’s favorite Filtrine cooler features include custom color panels to match the cafeteria décor and the oversized water storage which satisfies peak demand.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) developed the Vessel Sanitation Program (VSP) in partnership with the cruise line industry in the 1970s. It covers all ships with over 13 passengers operating in US waters. “The program assists the cruise ship industry in fulfilling its responsibility for developing and implementing comprehensive sanitation programs in order to minimize the risk of gastrointestinal diseases.” Drinking fountains on board need to meet certain requirements to be installed in cruise ships such as hands free operation, easy to clean elements and a water filtration system.

To make sure the fountain water is filtered properly, Filtrine offers two options: the Taste Master purifier and the UV Sterilizer. The Taste Master carbon block element sits in a heavy duty stainless steel housing and removes lead, particulates, cysts, chlorine, organic odors and tastes. The exclusive “Dual Seal” design negates bypassing and leaking. The germicidal UV Sterilizer low pressure mercury lamp is encased in a special high-purity quartz sleeve, immersed in water inside the stainless steel sterilizing chamber. It eliminates micro-organisms without chemicals or toxic products and offers low cost operation; easy installation and maintenance.

Not just cruise lines have specified Filtrine drinking water equipment, boat builders selected Filtrine’s popular bottle filling station, B103 for West Coast catamaran ferries. The US Navy orders the specially designed Filtrine military marine drinking fountain, Model M-10-N. It complies with MIL SPEC: MIL-C-24166[C] and will withstand shock test DWTNSR & DC and vibration test AERONAV.  

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Featured Filtrine Product

Filtrine Model 017-MA Non Recessed Marble Ring Drinking Fountain

The elegant non-recessed fountain, Model 107-MA, is ringed by marble. Marble comes in a variety of colors, so its rich, textured look and smooth shiny surface can add distinction to any interior. The 10” diameter bowl is made of bronze and with the circle of marble the total diameter is 14”. This fountain model joins the Filtrine Fountain collection which also features the Model 108-WD non-recessed drinking fountain made of satin finish bronze, encircled by wood. For another unique sophisticated look, architects have specified classic Filtrine fountain bowls made of other materials such as corian in addition to the popular stainless steel and bronze.



Featured INDESTRUCT Product

Filtrine INDESTRUCT Model MFS Mobile Bottle Filling Station

Filtrine’s INDESTRUCT Model MFS mobile bottle filling stations are engineered to handle very high (or low) ambient temperatures with unique features. Plus, each unit comes with a Taste Master® purifier for better tasting drinking water.

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