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The Filtrine INDESTRUCT brand of drinking water equipment was developed from the belief that everyone, in every profession in any location, deserves and requires a cool drink of water. Instead of the traditional way of delivering bottled water in extreme or dangerous environments, INDESTRUCT mobile bottle filling stations are a sustainable and low cost alternative.


Military Heavy Duty Drinking Water Mobile Bottle Filling Stations/Coolers

Filtrine INDESTRUCT Military Mobile Water Cooler/Bottle Filler

In locations where ambient and inlet drinking water temperatures often exceed 115°F [45°C] or drop below 0°F [-18°C], it is important to have a large reservoir of drinking water available to prevent dehydration. Filtrine's INDESTRUCT Model MFS mobile bottle filling stations are engineered to handle these high (or low) temperatures with unique features. Plus, each unit comes with a Taste Master® purifier for better tasting drinking water.

Features include:

  • Reserve capacity: Large storage tank allows for large gpm flow rate of 59°F [15°C] water during peak demand.
  • Over-sized condenser (high ambient models): Never overloads in high ambient temperatures. Large fan keeps unit running efficiently in 120°F [49°C] temperatures
  • Heating elements on internal components (low ambient models): Never freezes up in low temperatures. heating elements keep unit running efficiently down to 0°F [-18°C] temperatures.
  • Diesel or electric power options: Self-sufficient (on-board generator) or traditional electrical models for every application, no matter how remote.

Choose from 4, 8, 12 and 16 chromed, heavy-duty, self-closing faucet-type jug fillers based on what model you select.

MFS-25 25 20 213 1 46 54 60 1200
MFS-50 50 45 480 2 46 54 72 1600
MFS-100 100 72 768 3 52 60 84 2500
MFS-125 125 72 768 3 52 60 120 3000

*Based on 12 oz. [35 ltr] per person, per hour

**Includes 6" [15 cm] each side for water jug filler splash tray

INDESTRUCT Military Mobile Bottle Filling Stations/Coolers (Metric) ▼

MFS-25 95 76 213 1 152 127 137 540
MFS-50 190 171 480 2 183 127 137 720
MFS-100 380 274 768 3 213 142 152 1,125
MFS-125 475 274 768 3 305 142 152 1,350

WARRANTY: Filtrine warrants to the original buyer that Filtrine drinking water equipment is free from defects in material and workmanship. The time period is specified in the manual shipped with the equipment.

Craftmanship is paramount at Filtrine. Each employee in production is rigorously trained to adhere to Filtrine’s high manufacturing standards. Shown here: Steve is setting up a piece of sheet metal in Filtrine's Strippit.
Steve setting up sheet metal on the strippit machine