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Water Bottle Filling Stations


Developed back in 1920's, Filtrine's original drinking water bottle filling stations were an alternative to expensive water jug coolers, using instead filtered city water cooled by ice. The Filtrine Model B103 water filling stations introduced in the 1970's, are long-lasting, durable 16 ga stainless steel water dispensers that promote refilling of water bottles. The latest models feature a sleek, low maintenance modern design with limitless finish options, custom options, and ability to fit in a standard 4" wall.

For more information, download the Filtrine Water Bottle Filling Station Guide.


Bottle Filling Station Overview

This sustainable "green" alternative to traditional drinking fountains discourages the use of disposable plastic water bottles, and can be located almost anywhere inside your office building, school, fitness club, health care and hospitality facility.

Filtrine offers an endless variety of combinations by matching the Model B103 water filling station with Filtrine drinking water fountain(s) and/or water chiller/purifier cabinets.

Popular options include a "hands free" sensor-activated bottle filler to stop vandalism and water waste, using four Lithium batteries (included) for up to 400,000 activation cycles and automatic shut off with a 30-second delay, and bottle counter that helps encourage bottled drinking water use by displaying how many disposable water bottles are being saved.

WARRANTY: Filtrine warrants to the original buyer that Filtrine drinking water equipment is free from defects in material and workmanship. The time period is specified in the manual shipped with the equipment.

Craftmanship is paramount at Filtrine. Each employee in production is rigorously trained to adhere to Filtrine’s high manufacturing standards. Shown here: Steve is setting up a piece of sheet metal in Filtrine's Strippit.
Steve setting up sheet metal on the strippit machine