Filtrine FC-102 Drinking Fountain

Semi-Recessed, Single Bowl, Purifier/Chiller, Non-louvered Cabinet Door


This model combines Filtrine's classic Model 102 semi-recessed fountain with a chiller/purifier below. The chiller stores two gallons of chilled/purified water (serving a population of 100). Matching key-lock non-louvered door provides chiller/purifier access and security. The semi-recessed fountains use only 6" of non-recessed space and are designed to be set into the wall in locations where space is limited. Durable and practical, these fountains are available in a wide range of finishes and options. Consider specifying an optional drinking water bottle filler that is mounted to the back of the fountain in a variety of finishes.

Select Your Configuration Options:


Fountain Controls, Bottle Fillers, Cover Plates, Tamper-resistant, etc.

Bronze Finishes

Stainless Steel Finishes


The Model FC-102 fountain is made in 16 gauge stainless steel or bronze, without seams, exposed edges or screws, and with outside corners square in one piece construction. The inside corners are rounded to a 1” radius with head clearance of 25” minimum to allow ambulatory use while meeting ADA height. The hand-polished bronze finish comes in either #4 Satin (standard), or in #8 Mirror or Oil-Rubbed or Statuary Bronze. The hand-polished stainless steel drinking fountain and cover plate can be finished in your choice of either #4 Satin (standard), or #8 Mirror. The copper/brass waterways are 100% lead-free—NO PLASTIC TUBING/CONNECTORS ARE USED.


Receptor: 16” wide rectangular receptacle — in 16 gauge

Mounting Plate: Mounting flange on either side with 3/16″ holes, along with a 3/16″ countersunk hole in top for stability

Purifier: Taste Master water purifier concealed behind locking “In-Wall” cabinet (swinging key-lock door for purifier access and security).

Chiller: Wall-insert Model 56NL chiller with 2 gallons storage, charged with HFO R513A “Ozone Safe – Low GWP” refrigerant

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