Filtrine Open Loop POC-8000-860 Chiller

With DUAL 40 HP Compressor, 5 HP Pump, 540 gal Storage Capacity


Filtrine‘s POC chillers recirculate a clean coolant at constant temperature and pressure to increase the stability and consistency of water cooled machines and instruments. Choose from two condenser configurations to match your specific site requirements. The POC-8000 is available with either an fan cooled condenser inside the chiller housing (POC-8000-A) or a water cooled condenser (POC-8000-W) for hookup to city or tower water.

POC - Open Loop Chillers - pump liquid from an open tank or sump, through the chiller and back to the sump. An adjustable thermostat senses the return liquid temperature, cycling the chiller to insure constant temperature in the sump.



  • Energy saving design where the compressor only runs as needed
  • Close temperature control
  • Welded stainless steel cooling tank
  • Uses “Ozone Safe – Low Global Warming Potential (GWP)” HFO refrigerant
  • Optional stainless steel exterior


Condenser Models: AR, Remote Air cooled condenser furnished separately for mounting on roof; W, water cooled condenser for hookup to city or tower water; AR-WP, Remote air cooled condenser; complete unit made weather-resistant for outdoor installation

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Cooling Capacity
BTU/HR: 860,000
Watts: 252,052
Rating Conditions:
Coolant Discharge Temperature: 68oF [20oC]
Ambient Temperature: 90oF [32oC]

Tank Capacity (Gal): 540
Compressor Motor (HP): DUAL 40
Circulating Pump (HP): 5
Cabinet Dimensions (in):  140″W x 67″D x 84″H
Shipping Weight (lbs): 6500 (2925 kg)

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